Mini Revival Packs 3

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Mini Revival Packs 3
Mini Revival Packs 3 banner.png
Start Date 2015-11-29
End Date 2015-12-01
Related Event The Fantasica Chronicles 34
8★ 6
Mini Revival Packs 3 release.jpg

Purchasing from Mini Revival Packs 3 granted you one of five pre-set card packs, each of which contained 5 units. All five packs had the same odds. Each pack guaranteed at least one 8★ unit.

There's no limit to the number of packs you can purchase, and you can receive the same pack multiple times.

Mini Revival Packs 3 included only reprints, which did not give bonuses during any events.


Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
Reprinted Units
Deva.gif Deva icon.png
8 Magic 30 C 175 158,284 168,952 149,759 Poison,

Step Up Packs 46
Special Edition Dream Packs
Mini Gladiator Packs
One Shot Packs 38
Dream Packs Season 89
Standard Card Packs
Lucienne.gif Lucienne icon.png
8 Magic 30 C 130 128,425 158,284 143,758 Slow,

Dream Packs Season 21
Dream Packs Ascension Special
Mini Revival Packs 3
Dream Packs Season 87
Standard Card Packs
Vidri.gif Vidri icon.png
8 Magic 25 D 150 128,395 136,950 173,222 Slow,

Chain Lightning
Step Up Packs 45
Dream Packs Ascension Special
Mini Revival Packs 3
Mini Scholar Packs
Standard Card Packs
Chroma.gif Chroma icon.png
8 Magic 30 C 150 196,684 130,112 126,268 Slow Dream Packs Season 40
7★ Plus Packs 1
Dream Packs Season 73
Crime Packs
Mini Revival Packs 3
Dream Packs Season 88
Standard Card Packs
Trace.gif Trace icon.png
8 Melee 30 A 110 141,220 145,490 119,870 Poison Dream Packs Season 28
One Shot Packs 1
Step Up Packs 52
Ultimate Plus Packs 2
Mini Revival Packs 3
Standard Card Packs
Am.gif Am icon.png
8 Magic 30 D 150 150,581 128,410 171,064 Knockback,

Stone Breath
Dream Packs Season 27
One Shot Packs 1
Dream Packs Summer Special
Mini Revival Packs 3
Standard Card Packs

Deva card.jpg Lucienne card.jpg Vidri card.jpg Chroma card.jpg Trace card.jpg Am card.jpg

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