Mini Merchant Packs

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Mini Merchant Packs
Mini Merchant Packs banner.png
Start Date 2016-03-15
End Date 2016-03-17
Pack Type Preset Packs
Related Event Swords Have Stories
10★ 1
8★ 1
6★ 1
Mini Merchant Packs release.jpg

Purchasing from Mini Merchant Packs granted you one of five pre-set card packs, each of which contained 5 units.

There's no limit to the number of packs you can purchase, and you can receive the same pack multiple times.

Mini Merchant Packs included the new exclusive units, 10★ Allen and 8★ Reine. Additionally, 6★ Ayako was introduced and added to Standard Card Packs. New units gave bonuses during Swords Have Stories, a Panel Event. All other units were reprints and did not offer bonuses.


Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
New Units
Allen.gif Allen icon.png
10 Missile 30 C 150 290,797 287,534 271,691 Area Attack,

Gravity Pulse
Mini Merchant Packs
Ticket 10 Iota icon.png 10★ Iota Ticket Exchange
Unlimited Challenger Packs 30
Reine.gif Reine icon.png
8 Magic 20 C 150 165,137 124,021 119,736 Poison,

Atk Boost (Male),

Acid Rain
Mini Merchant Packs
Standard Card Packs
Ayako.gif Ayako icon.png
6 Magic 10 D 150 49,975 65,065 46,550 Knockback,

Atk Boost (Male),

Critical Shot
Standard Card Packs
Added during Swords Have Stories
Reprinted Units
Fortuna.gif Fortuna icon.png
9 Magic 30 D 150 199,116 253,716 222,254 Poison Ultimate Plus Packs 2
8★ Plus Packs 5
Mini Merchant Packs
OP Unit Exchange
OP Unit Exchange 4
Metatron 9.gif Metatron 9 icon.png
9 Magic 30 C 130 225,018 238,424 199,112 Slow,

Dream Packs Season 64
Birthday Party Packs
Challenger Packs 44
Mini Merchant Packs
One Shot Packs 69
OP Unit Exchange
OP Unit Exchange 4
Thor.gif Thor icon.png
8 Melee 30 C 130 126,238 149,759 192,384 Slow,

Nerve Strike
Mini TNT Packs
Mini Merchant Packs
Standard Card Packs

Allen card.jpg

Reine card.jpg

Ayako card.jpg

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