Night Packs

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Night Packs
Night Packs banner.png
Start Date 2015-03-09
End Date 2015-03-10
Related Event The Night Shift
8★ 3
7★ 2
Night Packs release.jpg

Purchasing from the Night Packs granted you one of five pre-set card packs, each of which contained 5 units. Not all five packs have the same odds.

There's no limit to the number of packs you can purchase, and you can receive the same pack multiple times.

All units in Night Packs were reprints and gave no bonuses during The Night Shift event.

Night Packs

Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
Reprinted Units
Tulia.gif Tulia icon.png
8 Magic 25 D 150 154,014 122,393 136,905 Area Attack,

Stone Breath
Step Up Packs 44
Night Packs
Five Star Plus Packs 4
Mini Sunshine Packs
Dream Packs Season 84
Dream Packs Season 88
Standard Card Packs
Fogo.gif Fogo icon.png
8 Melee 30 C 130 134,822 175,349 113,443 Knockback,

Dream Packs Season 29
One Shot Packs 1
Challenger Packs 32
Night Packs
Mini Vacation Packs
Standard Card Packs
Retheresa.gif Retheresa icon.png
8 Missile 30 C 150 162,524 136,935 125,753 Slow,

Fire Storm
Dream Packs Season 32
Night Packs
Five Star Plus Packs 4
Standard Card Packs
Terpsichore.gif Terpsichore icon.png
7 Magic 25 D 150 111,902 103,516 111,120 Area Attack,

Stone Breath
Bonus Point Bonanza 5
50,000 Bonus Points
Night Packs
Prophecy Packs
Dream Packs Season 88
Standard Card Packs
Fluche.gif Fluche icon.png
7 Magic 20 D 150 99,750 88,186 113,515 Knockback,

Step Up Packs 47
Standard Card Packs

Tulia card.jpg Fogo card.jpg Retheresa card.jpg

Terpsichore card.jpg Fluche card.jpg

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