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When a full set of Artifacts are collected, they can be redeemed for a specific unit/monster reward. For example, collecting all three of the Ring of Ages artifacts will reward the player with a Mermaid. Each set can only be redeemed once, although the rewards are tradeable.

There are two main ways to collect the Artifacts:

1. A random Artifact is rewarded upon completing Boss Quests from Episode 2 onward. 2. Players may attempt to steal Artifacts from other players through winning Battles. Players can select which artifact they want to steal.

In addition, there have been several "limited edition" sets, that were only available during specific Events.

Artifact Series Image Reward Source
Ring of Ages
3 Artifacts
Ring of Ages icon.png Mermaid m icon.png Mermaid
Boss Quests from Episodes 2-3
Orb of Divinity
5 Artifacts
Orb of Divinity icon.png Pegasus icon.png Pegasus
Boss Quests from Episodes 4-8
Holy Stave
7 Artifacts
Holy Stave icon.png Unicorn icon.png Unicorn
Boss Quests from Episodes 9-15
Mystic Incense
9 Artifacts
Mystic Incense icon.png Stray Cat m icon.png Stray Cat
Boss Quests from Episodes 16-24
Blessed Pendant
9 Artifacts
Blessed Pendant icon.png Banshee icon.png Banshee
Boss Quests from Episodes 25-33
Harp of Ruin
9 Artifacts
Harp of Ruin icon.png Arakhne icon.png Arakhne
Boss Quests from Episodes 34-42
Magic Lamp
9 Artifacts
Magic Lamp icon.png Djinn icon.png Djinn
Boss Quests from Episodes 43-?
Feather of Light
7 Artifacts
Feather of Light icon.png Sigurd icon.png Sigurd
Limited Edition during The Halls of Valhalla
World Mirror
7 Artifacts
World Mirror icon.png Spisa icon.png Spisa
Limited Edition during The Mystic Summit
Shoes of Pegasus
7 Artifacts
Shoes of Pegasus icon.png Wisp icon.png Wisp
Limited Edition during The Doomsday Tower Revelations
Heavenly Scales
7 Artifacts
Heavenly Scales icon.png Tamias icon.png Tamias
Limited Edition during The Doomsday Tower Revelations
Angelic Tears
7 Artifacts
Angelic Tears icon.png Purifica icon.png Purifica
Limited Edition during The Doomsday Tower Revelations
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