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Welcome To My Page!!!

I just recently came back to playing this game, I was very sad to see that Fantasitrade was gone, but this whole Wiki Sales thing seems to be really cool. So I decided to start posting any 7★ - 10★ units I come across that I'm not interested in on this site. Best way to contact me will be through in-game messaging and my active hours tend to be around late in the nights.


Pricing is as followed: (Unless if unit is marked otherwise)

7★ = 1p

8★ = 2p

9★ = 3p

10★ = 15p / another 10* offer

Individual Pricing:

Unit Showcase

  • Units
Couleur card.jpg Foemina card.jpg Foricula card.jpg Kamelien card.jpg Lint card.jpg Morgoth card.jpg

  • Units

  • Units
Skoll card.jpg

  • Units
Dvergr card.jpg

  • 11★
Anixi card.jpg Arondight card.jpg Cain 11 card.jpg Ferney card.jpg Merida 11 card.jpg Pie card.jpg Tiwaz card.jpg
  • 10★
Adessa card.jpg Andras card.jpg Clepysdra card.jpg Delphix card.jpg Fidelity card.jpg Hecate card.jpg Kalone card.jpg Kinneas card.jpg Lua card.jpg Mastis card.jpg Merydia card.jpg Mengloth card.jpg Skylar card.jpg Rello card.jpg
  • 9★
Alula card.jpg Amelise card.jpg Ashe card.jpg Diana 9 card.jpg Esperanza card.jpg Fortkana card.jpg Hades card.jpg Lavina card.jpg Lenneth card.jpg Liselle card.jpg Merla card.jpg Rydel card.jpg Zora card.jpg
  • 8★
Adaliz card.jpg Bastet card.jpg Diana 8 card.jpg Dietlinde card.jpg Galahad 8 card.jpg Kierne card.jpg Lisha card.jpg Lucienne card.jpg Marcy card.jpg Sed card.jpg Scintiller card.jpg Voltania card.jpg Winifred card.jpg Zazel card.jpg
  • 7★
Alexia card.jpg Auralie card.jpg Carla card.jpg Bleddyn card.jpg Cthulhu 7 card.jpg Discord card.jpg Durandal card.jpg Earnesta card.jpg Luz card.jpg Metatron card.jpg Princeton card.jpg Reaper card.jpg Succuba card.jpg Susannah card.jpg Trust card.jpg Zorya card.jpg

Ava card.jpg Millerna card.jpg Jocelyn card.jpg Lisha 9 card.jpg

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