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Welcome To My Page!!!

I just recently came back to playing this game, I was very sad to see that Fantasitrade was gone, but this whole Wiki Sales thing seems to be really cool. So I decided to start posting any 7★ - 10★ units I come across that I'm not interested in on this site. Best way to contact me will be through in-game messaging and my active hours tend to be around late in the nights.


Pricing is as followed: (Unless if unit is marked otherwise)

7★ = 1p

8★ = 2p

9★ = 3p

10★ = 15p / another 10* offer

11★ = offer

Individual Pricing:

Unit Showcase

  • Units
Altair card.jpg Altair v2 card.jpg Anixi card.jpg Baekje card.jpg Ferney card.jpg Mithras card.jpg Sirius card.jpg Thanatos 11 card.jpg

  • Units
Arctura card.jpg Couleur card.jpg Diva card.jpg Foemina card.jpg Firenza card.jpg Foricula card.jpg Lint card.jpg Lovisa card.jpg Mirage card.jpg Nea card.jpg

  • Units

  • Units
Skoll card.jpg

  • Units
Dvergr card.jpg

  • 11★
Arondight card.jpg Beowulf 11 v2 card.jpg Cain 11 card.jpg Dior card.jpg Merida 11 card.jpg Meriam card.jpg Neri card.jpg Pie card.jpg Tiwaz card.jpg
  • 10★
Adessa card.jpg Agneya card.jpg Andras card.jpg Clepysdra card.jpg Cordey card.jpg Desiree card.jpg Delphix card.jpg Edite card.jpg Fidelity card.jpg Hecate card.jpg Jocelyn card.jpg Kalone card.jpg Kinneas card.jpg LaPerm card.jpg Lua card.jpg Mastis card.jpg Merydia card.jpg Mengloth card.jpg Millerna card.jpg Seirenes card.jpg Skylar card.jpg Rello card.jpg
  • 9★
Alula card.jpg Amelise card.jpg Ashe card.jpg Esperanza card.jpg Fortkana card.jpg Hades card.jpg Lavina card.jpg Lenneth card.jpg Liselle card.jpg Merla card.jpg Rydel card.jpg
  • 8★
Adaliz card.jpg Bastet card.jpg Diana 8 card.jpg Dietlinde card.jpg Galahad 8 card.jpg Kierne card.jpg Lisha card.jpg Lucienne card.jpg Marcy card.jpg Sed card.jpg Scintiller card.jpg Voltania card.jpg Winifred card.jpg Zazel card.jpg
  • 7★
Alexia card.jpg Auralie card.jpg Carla card.jpg Bleddyn card.jpg Cthulhu 7 card.jpg Discord card.jpg Durandal card.jpg Earnesta card.jpg Luz card.jpg Metatron card.jpg Princeton card.jpg Reaper card.jpg Succuba card.jpg Susannah card.jpg Trust card.jpg Zorya card.jpg

Lisha 9 card.jpg

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