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Kik/Line: Organa_Solo

I am okay with albuming most but not all cards. Adequate collateral must be provided and I have the right to decline any requests.

Everything is very much in progress.

    - Update on March 11, 2018: Collection tab work, 4★s for sale COMPLETED
    - Update on March 12, 2018: 5★s for sale COMPLETED

Things and Stuff






A gathering of things I've gathered over the past five years. This isn't everything I own, just a taste of what I'd like to share. Cards don't make the list due to price or rarity - although some are both expensive and rare - they make it because they mean something to me or their art is just nice. Do enjoy, I've put a lot of work into my collection.

I have an affinity toward queen-themed units, women in power, the colour blue, and ice. _



The Holy Triad

Adamas card.jpgAdamas.gifLys card.jpgLys.gifAragon card.jpgAragon.gif

My Sweet, Sweet 6★s

Verlegen card.jpg Demetria card.jpg Claudette card.jpg Stella card.jpg Shana card.jpg Henriette card.jpg Nenuphar card.jpg Dorcia card.jpg Ami card.jpg Rendel card.jpg Eva card.jpg Patear card.jpg Magnus card.jpg Azul card.jpg Araya card.jpg Flores card.jpg Francette card.jpg Borage card.jpg Morticia card.jpg Eriohnet card.jpg Mao 6 card.jpg Phoebe 6 card.jpg Jiline card.jpg Artemis 6 card.jpg Cecilia card.jpg Epicharis card.jpg Matahari card.jpg Reamy (Xmas) card.jpg Cello card.jpg Calas card.jpg Shade card.jpg Mechthild card.jpg Ddraig card.jpg Saki card.jpg

Some Cutie 5★s

Claude card.jpg Amicus card.jpg Arger card.jpg Securis card.jpg Perla card.jpg Noah card.jpg Diver card.jpg Penthesilea card.jpg Sedna card.jpg Oliver card.jpg Evaldo card.jpg Rosier card.jpg Winston card.jpg Hal card.jpg Rubi card.jpg Seymour card.jpg Trish card.jpg Zande card.jpg Oriana card.jpg Sidor card.jpg Cuore card.jpg Raikouben card.jpg Reamy card.jpg Druj card.jpg Trude card.jpg Franziska card.jpg Soldado card.jpg Dine card.jpg Yuki card.jpg Schne card.jpg Magnificus card.jpg Okul card.jpg Agastache card.jpg Trane card.jpg Dermond card.jpg Ixtab card.jpg Lyutov card.jpg Valckx card.jpg Pale card.jpg Aquila card.jpg Ernesto card.jpg Quen card.jpg Iris card.jpg Sonia card.jpg Kordella card.jpg Zwei card.jpg Limerick card.jpg Purifica card.jpg Xiao Qiao card.jpg

Happy Little 7★s

Scrios card.jpg Ophelia card.jpg Iceber card.jpg Juliet 7 card.jpg Eclipse card.jpg Bare card.jpg Kamu card.jpg Bane card.jpg Geppetta card.jpg Praela card.jpg Callisto card.jpg Isolde card.jpg Lal card.jpg Joy card.jpg Demeter card.jpg Rosette card.jpg Megumi card.jpg Esther 7 card.jpg Shana 7 card.jpg Tempo card.jpg

Time for Some 8★s

Takeshi card.jpg Aion card.jpg Yemma card.jpg Epistemia card.jpg Nimra card.jpg Thenidiel card.jpg Piano card.jpg Dalibora card.jpg Obsidian card.jpg Hajime card.jpg Oram card.jpg Kimaris card.jpg Violin card.jpg Rassul card.jpg Ryujin card.jpg Marilyn card.jpg Ginjiro card.jpg Lady Kichou card.jpg Rava card.jpg Lady Komurasaki card.jpg The Emerald Lady card.jpg Scarlett card.jpg Feippe card.jpg Cyanea card.jpg


Card Sold For Card Sold For Card Sold For
Grevillea card.jpg
10 pure Tundrix m card.jpg
Tundrix m
1 pure Valafar card.jpg
2,500 pure

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