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Fanta IGN: JonShum Fanta ID: 22698369 Kik: FuHiwou
My Collection (Not For Sale)

Cu Chulainn card.jpg Ishtar 11 v2 card.jpg Mordred 11 card.jpg Zahhak card.jpg

Madonna card.jpg Naphula card.jpg Sistina card.jpg Spyder card.jpg Tsunenaga Hasekura card.jpg

Ami card.jpg Celine card.jpg Dizzy card.jpg Epimeleia card.jpg

Hal card.jpg Olivia card.jpg Nyte card.jpg Vera card.jpg

Adalina card.jpg Cats card.jpg Tullia m card.jpg

Lu Xun card.jpg Phoebe card.jpg Sabrina card.jpg Wolf card.jpg

For Sale!

IIRC most (if not all) of these cards are LEs (either from packs or ranked rewards).

Don't be afraid to offer because I can't PC any of these cards. (And I'm cool with bundles too.)

NOTE: List Incomplete. I was too lazy to add my 1000+ inbox here, so I listed the most interesting stuff I could find while I was randomly browsing my inbox. Feel free to Kik me if you want to bargain or ask if I have a certain card.

Masaharu & Ujiharu Oda card.jpg Quentin card.jpg

Kukuri card.jpg Meghan card.jpg

Adelle card.jpg Contra card.jpg Dolcissima card.jpg Kismet card.jpg Kotomomo card.jpg Mephista card.jpg Phoebus card.jpg Pleione card.jpg Sandalphon card.jpg Shiki card.jpg Vivi card.jpg

Karen 7 card.jpg

Dunella m card.jpg Moira m card.jpg

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