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Contact Info

ID: 205702637

Current Dreamie:Alsiel card.jpg

Pure at: 6 / Goal: 500 +/-

My Collection

Nothings for sale but I am more than happy to give you my PC's for them. ^^

Babylon card.jpgOdia card.jpg Holoniex card.jpgSae card.jpg Ilona card.jpgAl Azif card.jpg

Naomasa Ii card.jpgVelvetta card.jpg Andras card.jpgMastis card.jpg Kinto card.jpgDuibhne card.jpg Foricula card.jpgGandiva card.jpg

Azeroth card.jpgSkeira card.jpg Ethania card.jpgAdley card.jpg Kazumasa Sogo card.jpgFa-shan card.jpg

Enkidu card.jpgMototada Torii card.jpg Vivi card.jpg

Lana 7 card.jpgEthelred 7 card.jpg Lycanthrope 7 card.jpgYouko card.jpg LamiLami card.jpgLibera card.jpg Mrowth card.jpgLycan 7 card.jpg Gladina 7 card.jpg

Yukimori Yamanaka 6 card.jpgJinsuke Hayashizaki card.jpg Miss Khuri 6 card.jpgKrene card.jpg Elodie card.jpgMorticia card.jpg Inuchiyo card.jpgZensou Seyakuin card.jpg The Hermit card.jpgArgana card.jpg Miki card.jpgShorn card.jpg Big Bad Wolf card.jpgAmi card.jpg

Ater card.jpgBrigitte card.jpg Sonia card.jpgNoir card.jpg Tongs card.jpgErcilla card.jpg Kat card.jpgIris card.jpg Nail card.jpgRossetto card.jpg Rupius card.jpgLythtis card.jpg Okul card.jpgAnnam card.jpg Erhard card.jpg

Vilkas card.jpgDorothy card.jpg Debbie (Hero) card.jpgLuce card.jpg Mary card.jpgChatte card.jpg Caym card.jpgFennel card.jpg Prier card.jpg

Bakeneko card.jpg

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