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Hi! I'm selling some old LE card. Contact me via Kik: sakuraemperess if you're interested! My user ID is 85628490.

I don't want to over price anything, I know I don't have anything amazing, but these oldies are very nostalgic and cool :). So feel free to offer and let me know your thoughts so we can have a better idea of the actual demand/price and make a fair deal for both of us :).


Magia card.jpg Citron card.jpg Phyllis card.jpg Vilkas card.jpg Hector (Thief) card.jpg Nanael card.jpg Jolt card.jpg Altum card.jpg Snow White card.jpg Soror card.jpg


Ritsu card.jpg Lizzie card.jpg Margyl card.jpg Apsara card.jpg Silvara card.jpg Zakuro card.jpg Peter card.jpg Hester card.jpg Gremlin card.jpg Luise card.jpg Aon card.jpg Rapunzel card.jpg Farah card.jpg Lorelei card.jpg Hrwm card.jpg Pale card.jpg Amor m card.jpg


Six card.jpg Ayna card.jpg Dux card.jpg Lament card.jpg Zois card.jpg Nerys card.jpg Mariah card.jpg Milene card.jpg Iridia card.jpg


Janet card.jpg Camie card.jpg Ibuki 7 card.jpg Cadencia card.jpg Lulabelle 7 card.jpg Eight card.jpg Severa card.jpg Lava Golem card.jpg


Hyacinth card.jpg Katy card.jpg Dyeus card.jpg Romana card.jpg

I don't know if these ones are limited or just food haha:

Hikaru card.jpg Rhodie card.jpg Xiahou Dun card.jpg Ornis card.jpg

These are pretty much all my rarest, forgive me is some of them are just garbage, I haven't catched up with the current game. You can get all my inventory, this list and more (goddes, pots, elix etc) for a cheap offer in $, feel free to kik anytime! I work a lot but I will respond eventually :)

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