Three Kingdoms Packs

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Three Kingdoms Packs
Three Kingdoms Packs banner.png
Start Date 2017-01-26
End Date 2017-02-06
Pack Type LE Series
Related Event The Fantasica Chronicles 49
Palace of Ice
Champions of Valhalla
10★ 3
9★ 1
6★ 3
Three Kingdoms Packs release.jpg
Three Kingdoms Packs packart.jpg

Introduced on January 26, 2017, Three Kingdoms Packs functioned similarly to LE Series packs, where all cards in purchased packs were new units. They introduced several new exclusive cards: 10★s Zhiang Liao, Gan Ning, and Guan Yu, 9★ Diao Chan, and 6★s Lu Meng, Ma Chao and Xiahou Yuan.

The units in Three Kingdoms Packs gave no bonuses during any events. The packs were not purchasable, and instead could only be drawn from using TK17 Ticket icon.png TK17 Tickets, which were event rewards in The Fantasica Chronicles 49, Palace of Ice, and Champions of Valhalla.

The units were also unique in that some of them were also event rewards.

Three Kingdoms Packs were emphasized for containing units with low deploy costs.

Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
Gan Ning.gif Gan Ning icon.png
10 Missile 20 C 150 217,006 248,796 240,270 Knockback,

Palace of Ice
2,400 Battle Count Reward
Three Kingdoms Packs
Guan Yu 10.gif Guan Yu 10 icon.png
10 Melee 10 C 130 176,740 192,162 203,899 Knockback,

Piercing Flash
Champions of Valhalla
210 Lap Reward
Three Kingdoms Packs
Zhiang Liao.gif Zhiang Liao icon.png
10 Melee 30 B 110 0 0 0 Slow,

The Fantasica Chronicles 49
30,000,000 Individual GP Points Reward
Three Kingdoms Packs
Diao Chan.gif Diao Chan icon.png
9 Magic 5 D 150 134,360 91,772 99,210 Poison,

Atk Boost (Male),

Acid Rain
The Fantasica Chronicles 49
15 Battle Participation
Three Kingdoms Packs
Lu Meng.gif Lu Meng icon.png
6 Magic 5 C 150 41,930 33,955 52,100 Area Attack,

Champions of Valhalla
45 Lap Reward
Three Kingdoms Packs
Ma Chao.gif Ma Chao icon.png
6 Melee 5 A 130 51,205 43,265 38,470 Knockback,

Quad Attack
The Fantasica Chronicles 49
1,200,000 Individual GP Pts Reward
Three Kingdoms Packs
Xiahou Yuan.gif Xiahou Yuan icon.png
6 Missile 5 B 150 34,570 53,875 39,470 Slow,

Palace of Ice
240 Battle Count Reward
Three Kingdoms Packs

Gan Ning card.jpg Guan Yu 10 card.jpg Zhiang Liao card.jpg

Diao Chan card.jpg

Lu Meng card.jpg Ma Chao card.jpg Xiahou Yuan card.jpg

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