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Trend of Luna: Let x-y be the quest number that is seen.

Luna = 50(x+y) + 300 for x>3 and y<7 Luna = 50x + 850 for y=7 and x>3 (Boss Levels) x-6 to Boss: Increment of 250 luna. x-8 to x-10, seems to fluctuate wildly from the values seen here.

Trend of EXP: As noted, Max EXP is (1+ #AlliesUsed/10) times the Base EXP. Base EXP can be found from the numbers provided by reversing the formula at the top of the page. Base EXP values tend to be in increments of 10 for normal quests, increasing by 10 with each increment in y. Solo quests tend to increase by 5 EXP with each new episode. These trends hold fairly well for all episodes until 26, where they tend to start repeating. A generally good rough estimate of base EXP may be

EXP = 10(x+y)+90 and add 50 if y=7

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