Step Up Packs 41

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Step Up Packs 41
Step Up Packs 41 banner.png
Start Date 2014-10-20
End Date 2014-10-24
Related Event Feast of the Gods
8★ 1
7★ 1
6★ 1
5★ 1
4★ 1
Step Up Packs 41 release.jpeg

Step Up Packs 41 was introduced on October 14th, 2014. This reprinted 8★ card, Marienge, and 7★ card, Meifan.

Step Up Packs are purchased in a tiered order with the increased costs as well as increased bonuses with each tier. Progress on purchasing Steps is permanent. Upon completion of step 6, both steps 6 and 7 became repeatable.

New units in Step Up Packs 41 did not give bonuses for the Feast of the Gods event.

New Units

Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
Marienge.gif Marienge icon.png
8 Magic 25 C 150 150,610 149,759 126,693 Slow,

Penta Attack
Step Up Packs 41
Dream Packs 3AS
Mini Gladiator Packs
Five Star Plus Packs 8
Mini Revival Packs 2
Mini Blaze Packs
Standard Card Packs
Meifan.gif Meifan icon.png
7 Melee 25 S 110 111,289 75,300 102,782 Slow,

Critical Shot
Step Up Packs 41
Prestige Packs Volume 1
Standard Card Packs
Odium.gif Odium icon.png
6 Melee 25 C 150 95,930 72,900 59,830 Poison,

Nerve Strike
Standard Card Packs
Added during Feast of the Gods
Mizuho.gif Mizuho icon.png
5 Magic 5 C 150 17,750 25,500 26,000 Slow Standard Card Packs
Added during Feast of the Gods
Noelani.gif Noelani icon.png
4 Missile 15 D 150 19,165 14,274 23,597 Poison,

Triple Attack
Standard Card Packs
Added during Feast of the Gods

Marienge card.jpg

Meifan card.jpg

Odium card.jpg

Mizuho card.jpg

Noelani card.jpg

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