One Shot Packs 21

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One Shot Packs 21
One Shot Packs 21 banner.png
Start Date 2015-10-07
End Date 2015-10-08
Related Event The Whispering Wood
9★ 3
One Shot Packs 21 release.jpg

Purchasing a One Shot Pack for 10,000 Mobacoins / Fanta Points granted you one guaranteed 9★ unit, and one Ticket 10 Delta icon.png 10★ Delta Ticket.

All units in One Shot Packs 21 were reprints, and did not give bonuses in any events.

Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
Reprinted Units
Diega.gif Diega icon.png
9 Magic 30 C 150 217,626 250,012 222,254 Slow,
Dark Nexus
Slumber Packs
One Shot Packs 21
One Shot Packs 37
Flowa.gif Flowa icon.png
9 Melee 25 B 130 217,626 189,868 214,851 Knockback,
Penta Attack
Extreme Packs Season 19
One Shot Packs 21
Unlimited Challenger Packs 14
Mini Strife Packs
Hilda.gif Hilda icon.png
9 Missile 30 B 150 247,679 226,874 217,619 Poison,
Penta Attack
Extreme Packs Season 22
One Shot Packs 21
One Shot Packs 43

Diega card.jpg Flowa card.jpg Hilda card.jpg

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