Fusion Packs 41

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Fusion Packs 41
Fusion Packs 41 banner.png
Start Date 2017-11-03
End Date 2017-11-06
Pack Type Fusion Packs
Related Event For Your Protection
Changing Masters
11★ 1
Fusion Packs 41 release.jpg

Fusion Packs allow you to select 2 units with the same rarity (5★ through 8★), and fuse them together (using Mobacoins / Fanta Pts) for a chance at a different unit with the same rarity or higher.

Each subsequent Fusion Pack may also include the chance to Fuse units released in previous Fusion Packs. This Fusion Pack provided no new fusion units, but offered a higher chance to fuse for an 11★.

Although Fusion Packs 41 came packaged with bonus items for use in For Your Protection and Changing Masters, units pulled did NOT give bonuses during the event.

Fusion Rarity Cost
5★ 100 Coins
6★ 300 Coins
7★ 500 Coins
8★ 1,000 Coins

Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
Taisaijin.gif Taisaijin icon.png
11 Missile 25 B 150 0 0 0 Slow,

Shields Up
Fusion Packs 41

Taisaijin card.jpg

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