Extreme Packs Season 21

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Extreme Packs Season 21
Extreme Packs Season 21 banner.png
Start Date 2015-06-16
End Date 2015-06-19
Related Event Working Wonders
9★ 1
8★ 1
7★ 1
6★ 1
5★ 1
Extreme Packs Season 21 release.jpg

Extreme Packs Season 21 were introduced on June 16th, 2015. One new exclusive 9★, Dresgor_m was introduced along with one new, exclusive 8★, Sigfrida, and one new exclusive 7★, Cyber_m.

Extreme Packs are purchased in a tiered order with the increased costs as well as increased bonuses with each tier. Progress on purchasing Steps is permanent. Upon completion of EX 6, both EX 6 and EX 7 became repeatable. EX 7 is available without completion of prior steps.

New units in Extreme Packs Season 21 gave bonuses for the Working Wonders event.

Monster Type Speed Melee icon.png Missile icon.png Magic icon.png Base HP
(Max HP)
Dresgor m.gif Dresgor m icon.png
9 Ground icon.png D A S S 60,000
Extreme Packs Season 21
Prestige Packs Volume 15
OP Unit Exchange 2
OP Unit Exchange 6
Cyber m.gif Cyber m icon.png
7 Air icon.png D A A D 45,000
Extreme Packs Season 21
Dream Packs Season 85
Standard Card Packs
Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
Sigfrida.gif Sigfrida icon.png
8 Melee 25 C 130 136,965 175,334 124,140 Slow,

Nerve Strike
Extreme Packs Season 21
Five Star Plus Packs 8
Challenger Packs 57
Silvia.gif Silvia icon.png
6 Melee 20 B 130 0 0 0 Knockback,

Nerve Strike
Standard Card Packs
Added during Working Wonders
Tanya.gif Tanya icon.png
5 Magic 15 C 150 0 0 0 Slow,

Stone Breath
Standard Card Packs
Added during Working Wonders

Dresgor m card.jpg

Sigfrida card.jpg

Cyber m card.jpg

Silvia card.jpg

Tanya card.jpg

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