Dream Packs Season 30

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Dream Packs Season 30
Dream Packs Season 30 banner.png
Start Date 2014-08-21
End Date 2014-08-22
Related Event Return to Sin
7★ 1
6★ 1
4★ 1
Dream Packs Season 30 release.jpg

The new units in Dream Packs Season 30 gave bonuses during Return to Sin.

One new, exclusive 7★ unit, Artemis, was introduced from August 21st, 2014 through August 22nd, 2014. In addition to the newly added 6★, Melania, previously released 6/7★ units found in Dream Packs Season 30 were Animus, Izumo, and Sphaira.

Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
Artemis.gif Artemis icon.png
7 Melee 25 B 130 118,748 102,709 94,275 Knockback Dream Packs Season 30
Prestige Packs Volume 10
Standard Card Packs
Melania.gif Melania icon.png
6 Magic 15 C 150 66,400 53,050 74,920 Area Attack Standard Card Packs
Added during Return to Sin
Ursa Minor.gif Ursa Minor icon.png
4 Melee 10 C 130 25,585 8,101 16,322 Area Attack Standard Card Packs
Added during Return to Sin

Artemis card.jpg

Melania card.jpg

Ursa Minor card.jpg

Previously released 6/7★'s found in Dream Packs Season 30:
Animus card.jpg Izumo card.jpg Sphaira card.jpg

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