December Monthly Rankings

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December Monthly Rankings
December Monthly Rankings banner.png
Start Date 2017-12-05
End Date 2018-01-07
Event Type Monthly Rankings
Event Cards Gracia_Hosokawa_11_v2
December Monthly Rankings release.jpg


In December 2017, Fantasica held a Monthly Ranking event, where all players could compete to earn rewards.

Ranking Points were earned by participating in the five events between December 05, 2017, and January 07, 2018:

For each of these events, there was also a weekly Bonus Ranking for additional rewards. The Bonus Ranking did not affect the amount of Ranking Points earned for the Monthly Rankings.

The featured units for both the Bonus Rankings and the Monthly Rankings were changed every month.


Points were awarded based on rank during the four events.

Rank Monthly Points
1st 50
2nd - 5th 40
6th - 10th 34
11th - 20th 28
21st - 30th 23
31st - 50th 18
51st - 100th 14
101st - 150th 10
151st - 200th 7
201st - 300th 5
301st - 500th 3
501st - 1000th 1


Monthly Rankings

Rank Gracia Hosokawa 11 v2 icon.png Aurora Essence icon.png Celestial Orb icon.png Nerio icon.png
1st Gracia_Hosokawa_11_v2 x 5 Aurora Essence x 20 Celestial Orb x 20 Nerio x 6
2nd - 5th Gracia_Hosokawa_11_v2 x 4 Aurora Essence x 20 Celestial Orb x 20 Nerio x 6
6th - 10th Gracia_Hosokawa_11_v2 x 3 Aurora Essence x 20 Celestial Orb x 20 Nerio x 5
11th - 20th Gracia_Hosokawa_11_v2 x 2 Aurora Essence x 15 Celestial Orb x 15 Nerio x 5
21st - 30th Gracia_Hosokawa_11_v2 x 1 Aurora Essence x 10 Celestial Orb x 10 Nerio x 5
31st - 100th Aurora Essence x 10 Celestial Orb x 10 Nerio x 5
101st - 300th Aurora Essence x 5 Celestial Orb x 5 Nerio x 4
301st - 500th Aurora Essence x 3 Celestial Orb x 3 Nerio x 3
501st - 1000th Aurora Essence x 1 Celestial Orb x 1 Nerio x 2
31st - 100th Nerio x 1
Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
Gracia Hosokawa 11 v2.gif Gracia Hosokawa 11 v2 icon.png
11 Magic 15 B 0 0 0 0 Slow, Reviviscence December Monthly Rankings

Gracia Hosokawa 11 v2 card.jpg

Event Rankings

Monthly Rankings based on rank as of January 7th, 2017 at 10:00pm PST

Rank 1 to 10

Rank Player BT
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