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If you have any of the cards listed below, please send a screenshot of the "back" of the card in your Card Album to Xlivia or Jarrbox so it can be added to the wiki!

If you decide to upload the image yourself, please keep the format consistent with other card art (459 x 687 pixels). Also keep in mind that the image has to have the naming format NAME_card_back.jpg. For example, the unempowered version of Bahamut 11* would be "Bahamut_11_card_back.jpg" and the empowered would be "Bahamut_11_mlb_card_back.jpg". Make sure to follow this format or else the image will need to be re-uploaded with the correct name!

In the status column below, "100px" means no card back exists for that card yet. Once the image is uploaded, the "100px" will be replaced with the image of the card back. I'll try to update this list after every event cycle, adding the new cards and removing the ones that are updated.

Name Status
Lavinia 12 m icon.png
12 Lavinia 12 m card back.jpg
Liu Yong m icon.png
12 Liu Yong m card back.jpg
Aithr m icon.png
11 Aithr m card back.jpg

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