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The Inn is a feature that was introduced to help players manage their unit inventory:

  • Players start with a default unit capacity of 50. This can be increased by a total of 25 through maxing out the Troop Formation skill, bringing capacity up to 75 overall.

  • The Inn gives players another 10 slots or space to hold cards. Units can be "Checked In" to the Inn, taking them out of the player's direct inventory, and "Checked Out" whenever the player wants to use them again.

Note that units checked in to the Inn are NOT available to deploy in Quests, Training, or Events.

Expanding the Inn

Beyond the initial 10 spaces, players can purchase additional slots at a rate of 300 Mobacoins / Fanta Points ($3 USD) per 10 slots.


Units can only be checked in to the Inn if that are NOT currently marked as a Favorite in the player's unit inventory.

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