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He is stunned by her tongue, it is so firm and long and wild as it bounces inside his mouth it seems disconnected from the shivering girl he had to soothe a moment ago. Now he can only follow and try to reciprocate until she releases her grip and pulls away. She pushes his head to her neck. He licks and nibbles at her smooth skin, nipping hard enough to leave a mark and elicit a moan. She's still hugging his head as he reaches her chest, his ear pressed against the breastbone feeling her light heartbeat quickly beating against his cheek. He pushes his head back and and engulfs her breast with his mouth, rolling her swollen acorn nipple with his tongue. She squirms and arches her back as he attacks her other tit and grabs her ass, each round cheek easily fitting in his hands, her butt muscles quivering in his palms with every pull on her nipples. ,,His mouth has turned her nipples into lightening rods, sending jolts of electricity through her chest and down her spine, ending with an unbearable tingling between her pussy and asshole. She wraps a leg around his torso and throws her weight against him, knowing he can easily bear it. Her hands slide over the muscles in his back to his thin hips and grab his cock once again, rubbing its head against her vulva. One more time, she fights the urge to finally completely surrender, to cede herself to him. She leaps, jumping off the chair and guides him by his dick, sitting him down. Spreading his knees, she squats in front him and places a gentle kiss just under the head of his cock. ,,Her mouth pulls in the purple tip, her tongue flicking pre-cum from his pulsing vein. She moves slowly now, nibbling every bump, licking every ridge. Understands now it's not her technique that melts his eyes, but her desire. Her desire to stand here naked and open before him, ready to share herself like she has never been shared before. Her mouth devotes itself to his cock like she has devoted herself to him since her breasts blossomed and her loins first learned to ache. She sucks in more of the shaft. Her eyes water but she slowly begins to rock back and forth, letting his mass slide along her tongue and cheeks. Her hands massaging the base and lifting his balls. She feels his thighs flex and then relax. She glances up, her mouth still full of his manhood, and sees a look of pure bliss on his face. ,,It suddenly hits him, who's perched between his legs with his middle-aged pecker lodged between her lips. The girl whose precocious talent first made him take notice. Whose sideways smile and sly ability to see though his teaching techniques made him smile right back, even if he shouldn't. And then as she bloomed into the full flower of womanhood it was the swing of her hips as she left the studio, the flexing of her calves as she kept tempo to the music that made him pine for this day, knowing this was all he ever needed. ,,And now his penis, rock hard and swelling to point of bursting is coddled by her mouth and hands. He slowly moves his hips to her rhythm careful to not push too hard and caresses her spine with the back of his finger nails. She let's out a muffled purr and he wonders how long this perfection can last dirtywonk. She answers by releasing his cock with a wet and sloppy plop and gives him that devilish smile he first saw 9 years ago. She lunges for his balls, taking one testicle and then the other in her mouth, rolling them with her tongue sucking them to the back of her throat. She drops them, gives him another wicked grin and, pushing his balls against his dick, starts licking his taint. The sensation is a bomb to his system, a series of laser charges pulsing through his groin and prostate that only increase as she darts and slashes around his exposed asshole. It is all too much, the reality of the situation crossing lines that never entered his most forbidden fantasies and he fights to regain control. ,He studies her, her nose pushed into the base of his scrotum and tongue tasting his ass. She is squatting on the balls of her feet, her legs splayed wide and he makes his move. Shooting an arm under each knee and linking his hands behind her back, he swoops her up. Her knees wrapped around his biceps, spread pussy grinding into his abdomen and her lips grazing his. He kisses her, slow and deep. At first, she parries, shooting her tongue in circles around his mouth but then she mellows, follows the patient probing of his tongue. He feels her pulse slacken, the tension in her shoulders release as he carries her to the couch. She is lighter than she looks. He could carry her forever as she rides his hips across the room. He lays her on the cushions and kneels in front of her. ,,He plants her feet on the couch and rubs his hands down her thighs until the they meet at her crotch where he studies her sex for the first time. A thin fluff of black hair framed by the polar white of her abdomen leads to those glistening pussy lips he massaged earlier. Still swollen, they surround a crack that offers slightest pink view of her inner vagina. Even now, flush with excitement and knees pushed back to her ears, her slit is still amazingly thin. The flash of pink no thicker than the width of his pinky. But what he can see sets his libido aflame. Two, half hidden, cherry pink butterfly wings guarding the pulsing hole of her womanhood. Still afraid to penetrate with a finger, let alone his cock, he dives down, paints her pussy with his tongue and laps up the sweetest nectar he has ever tasted.,,His move takes her to another world. Her pussy is being pulled and stretched and opened and closed by the moist cloud of his lips and tongue. She can't tell where his mouth ends and her sex begins, it's all a swirling wet fog of lust and passion. Her whole body is throbbing, her cunt is on fire, shooting pulse after pulse of her cream out of her twat and onto his face. She feels a finger, stronger and sturdier than his mouth, run up and down her slot, from clit to sphincter and then shoot deep into her hole. She grips the edge of the couch and gasps and cries and screams all at once and finally lets the fire in her loins take over as she loses herself to the moment. ,,His finger is burning, surrounded by the radiant, silken walls of her pussy. His tongue works her clit as his hand works her vagina. He can see her abs flex with every convulsion, hear her breath getting quicker and deeper, her pussy somehow getting hotter and wetter. He rubs his tortured cock against the leather of the couch and wills himself to make her come. ,,She thought she had orgasmed before, hiding in her room with her fingers tickling her clit, sending shivers to her spine but, now, something new and immense is welling inside her. His mouth and fingers advance and retreat in perfect rhythm with her body's sexual spasms and every thrust brings an energy swelling deep in her belly closer to release. His pace quickens in concert with hers until her body finally collapses into her climax. Wave after wave of passion convulses through her body. She grabs his head by his hair and jabs it into her cunt thefreesexcams. She locks her legs around his back and can't get them to relax. She shrieks towards the ceiling, an animal cry of lust and release "Here," He said and handed a piece of paper to me, folded in half. "Think about it and see if you want to continue." He said, and without waiting for a reply, he turned around and walked out the door.,,Unfolding the paper before me I saw myself, I was sitting and painting. As I stared at it, I noticed the detail of it. It was , I I had an impulse to reach out and caress this picture. "It's beautiful!" I breathed. And then I frowned as I read the words written on the page. "Yes, this is you." This was me, and yet, it appeared more of a picture of a beautiful lady, and it appeared her clothes were.. Smothering her? You could see the details of her, even as the clothing she wore, appeared to, rather being worn by her, appeared instead to drape over her figure, I knew this was me, and yet I felt detached from it, sad for the person staring back at me from within the picture. How strange.

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