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Temporarily, during the [[Awakening]] event, 5x wake stone (s) and Minotaurs can be received from Goodie Bags.

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Leana's Exchange Shop
Start Date March 25th, 2013
End Date Currently undetermined
Event Type Recyle Event
Japanese Wiki Clearing house of Ryina
Leana's Exchange Shop release.jpg

Leana's Exchange Shop is a special new feature that will allow you to exchange unwanted units and items into Leana Points (LP).

You can then exchange LP for Goodie Bags which contain a random item like Ambrosia - the all-new item needed to increase a unit's maximum level.

You can exchange up to 10 units at once.

Once an item or unit has been exchanged into LP, it will be gone for good. Please be advised.

LP are capped at 9,999,999 points.

Goodie Bag contents are determined at random.

Exchange Rates

Item LP
Soul Stone (S) 1
1★ Card 1
2★ Monster 3
2★ Unit 15
3★ Monster 15
Potion 150
Time Elixir 150
3★ Unit 150
4★ Unit 300
4★ Monster 450
Premium Ticket 600
Soul Stone (L) 1200
4★+ Ticket 3000
5★ Unit 3000
5★ Monster 4500
6★ Monster 9000
6★ Unit 12000

New Units

Unit Name Rarity Type Cost Speed Range Max Land Max Air Max Sea Max Total Skill
Leana icon.png Leana 4 Missile 15 C 150 19502 13877 22784 56163 Poison Lv 4
Edwin icon.png Edwin 5 Melee 15 B 130 33650 10650 28500 72800 Slow Lv 5

Goodie Bag

Goodie bags cost 300 lp each. One of the following will be sent to your mailbox.

Reward Approximate Odds
Edwin icon.png Edwin the Dark Operative 5★ 0.1%
Leana icon.png Leana the Shop Keeper 4★ 4%
Brave icon.png Brave Points x 1000 30%
Luna icon.png Luna x 10000 25%
Ally icon.png Ally Points x 200 20%
Ambrosia icon.png Ambrosia x 1 20%
Premium ticket icon.png Premium Ticket x 1 1%
Premium ticket2 icon.png 4★+ Ticket x 1  ?

Temporarily, during the Awakening event, 5x wake stone (s) and Minotaurs can be received from Goodie Bags.

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