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Ascension was a feature first added to Fantasica on November 21st, 2015. It allowed players to combine a base unit with multiple copies of the same unit (up to 4 maximum), to enhance it and add additional stats. When originally introduced, Ascension was only available for 8★ and lower units; Ascension capability for 9★ units was added on January 28th, 2016.

On October 21, 2016, with the introduction of 11★ units, ALL 10★s became Ascendable, not just Evo units.

  • 9★ and lower rarity units can Ascend, as well as select 10★ units.
  • You can Ascend regardless of unit level
  • The levels of the base unit and the units consumed during Asension have no effect on which stats are enhanced.
  • Using an Ascended unit to Ascend another unit still only counts as a single Ascension.
  • A unit that has been Ascended the maximum of 4 times becomes untradeable, regardless of rarity.

Stat Improvements

The following stats could be improved through Ascending a unit:

  • ATK: Higher attack
  • SPD: Higher frequency for attacking (note that the letter representing the unit's speed value may not change, even though speed does increase)
  • Range: Extended reach
  • Cost: Lower cost
  • HP: Higher HP


  • It is not possible to choose which stat(s) are improved through each round of Ascension; they are predetermined. Which stat(s) get enhanced depend on the unit. A unit will always increase the same stats each time it's Ascended.
  • Stats are increased by the same amount, each time a unit is Ascended. A unit starting with 100,000 HP who gained 50,000 HP when Ascended to stage 1 would gain an addition each time 50,000 upon reaching stage 2, stage 3, and stage 4. The fully ascended, stage 4 unit would have a total of 300,000 HP (100,000 Base + (50,000 Incremental x 4 Ascension stages)).

Editing Ascension Stats

We're currently in the process of rolling out the capability to update Ascension stats. To update a unit's stats, go to:

Swap out UNIT_NAME at the end of the URL for whatever unit you're updating.

Note that what should be entered is the incremental increase for each ascension stage. For example, if a unit starts with 100,000 HP and ascending it one single time brings them up to 150,000 HP, enter 50,000 into the 'Asc HP Inc' field. Same for Attack, Cost, and Range, always use the incremental amount.

Speed is tricky, as it's possible to fully Ascend a unit and never have the letter grade change what's displayed, so it's harder to track, especially incrementally. For right now, we're just using a checkbox - so if Speed is one of the stats affected for a unit, toggle that on.

Aer, Aeru, Aery, Aerora, & Aeroma

If you don't have multiple copies of the same unit, you can use Ascension Goddesses as replacements:

  • Aer icon.png Aer for 7★ and below units
  • Aeru icon.png Aeru for 8★ units
  • Aery icon.png Aery for 9★ units.
  • Aerora icon.png Aerora for 10★ units.
  • Aeroma icon.png Aeroma for 11★ units.

Aer, Aeru, Aery, Aerora, and Aeroma are primarily obtained through event rewards and purchaseable packs.


Ally Pts are used to Ascend units. It takes the following number of points to Ascend a single unit once:

Rarity Ally Pts per Ascension
10★ 1,000 Pts
9★ 900 Pts
8★ 800 Pts
7★ 700 Pts
6★ 600 Pts
Rarity Ally Pts per Ascension
5★ 500 Pts
4★ 400 Pts
3★ 300 Pts
2★ 200 Pts
1★ 100 Pts

10★ Evo Units

Not all 10★ units can be Ascended. Only special 10★ Evo units can Ascend. These units become more powerful than normal 10★s, as well as including previously unreleased skills. As of October 21, 2016, ALL 10★s are Ascendable, not just Evo units.

When Ascension was added to Fantasica, Xephora was introduced as the first 10★ Evo unit. She was the first unit to have the Reviviscence skill.

Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
10★ Evo
Xephora.gif Xephora icon.png
10 Melee 30 C 130 316,956 266,533 275,270 Slow,

Extreme Packs Season 40
Three Step Packs 43
Unlimited Challenger Packs 27
Standard Card Packs

Xephora card.jpg Xephora card.jpg

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