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Fanta ID: 91225309 Kik: armygirl691

For Sale

KIK ME: Seriously my wall fills so fast I will miss the request!

To lazy to look for up PCs right now. These are the 10s that I can reach. Make an offer it doesn't hurt the worst I can do is say no. There are a few units listed that the offer would have to be hell of amazing for me to even consider: Santa, Pumpkin, Aphrodita, Astoria, Indrah, Izayoi, Lilly, and Velvetta

If offering a trade, the first thing I will do is check User:Kittylitter to see if I already have it albumed. If there is only the X version, it means I have the unit but to lazy to mlb atm.

Also will only take trades of similar PCs.

Abyad card.jpgAddie card.jpgAdessa mlb card.jpgAhriman card.jpgAileen mlb card.jpgAlhm card.jpgAlhm mlb card.jpgAli Baby card.jpgAllen card.jpgAllen mlb card.jpgAmandine mlb card.jpgAmara card.jpgAmirah card.jpgAmortentia mlb card.jpgAncienne card.jpgAndras mlb card.jpgAnjin Adams card.jpgAnjin Adams v2 card.jpgAntheia card.jpgAnzu card.jpgAoraki card.jpgAphroditia card.jpgAquea card.jpgAquea mlb card.jpgArael card.jpgArael mlb card.jpgAram card.jpgArcades card.jpgArchangel mlb card.jpgArctura card.jpgAsa card.jpgAstalan card.jpgAstoria mlb card.jpgAtalanta card.jpgAthos mlb card.jpgAttendre card.jpgAurelai card.jpgAva card.jpgAzhdaha card.jpgBaenu card.jpgBakke card.jpgBalmung mlb card.jpgBartolomea mlb card.jpgBelinda card.jpgBellerophon card.jpgBereguinias mlb card.jpgBijou card.jpgBonnie card.jpgBonnie mlb card.jpgBosie card.jpgBrandimarte card.jpgBrunhildr mlb card.jpgCaerulea card.jpgCaladesi card.jpgCalcabrina card.jpgCapra card.jpgCarya mlb card.jpgCelestia mlb card.jpgCentera card.jpgCerbera card.jpgChia card.jpgChichiru card.jpgChitose card.jpgChopin card.jpgCirro card.jpgClarice mlb card.jpgClaris card.jpgCloris mlb card.jpgClymeneste card.jpgCollins card.jpgCordey card.jpgCouleur card.jpgCouleur mlb card.jpgCrimsyn card.jpgCwen mlb card.jpgCyndy card.jpgDana 10 card.jpgDarleen mlb card.jpgDeceit card.jpgDenel card.jpgDevesa card.jpgDiamante mlb card.jpgDimia card.jpgDiva card.jpgDiva mlb card.jpgDivina mlb card.jpgDon Francisco card.jpgDosetsu Tachibana card.jpgDouji card.jpgDozan Manase mlb card.jpgDravana card.jpgDravana mlb card.jpgDreadnought card.jpg ¬|- Dunphy card.jpgEdaeleth card.jpgEdaeleth mlb card.jpgEdite card.jpgElinora card.jpgEllese card.jpgEllese mlb card.jpgElmair card.jpgEmiko card.jpgEmmoline card.jpgEmpyria card.jpgEnma card.jpgEonis card.jpgEonis mlb card.jpgEries card.jpgEthel card.jpgEvariste card.jpgEvelineth card.jpgEverlie card.jpgExodius mlb card.jpgFair card.jpgFaraine mlb card.jpgFarini card.jpgFavela card.jpgFeenix card.jpgFeranth card.jpgFernie mlb card.jpgFerz card.jpgFidelity mlb card.jpgFlamella card.jpgFloria mlb card.jpgFoemina card.jpgForicula card.jpgFreeja card.jpgFritillaria card.jpgFyla card.jpgGafgarion mlb card.jpgGaladriel card.jpgGandiva card.jpgGaruda card.jpgGirardo card.jpgGlenda card.jpgGogh card.jpgGremori mlb card.jpgGuinevere card.jpgHarmonia mlb card.jpgHatsu card.jpgHikari card.jpgHortensia card.jpgHrund card.jpgIchigo card.jpgIchthys mlb card.jpgIeyasu Tokugawa card.jpgIkarin mlb card.jpgIndrah card.jpgInger mlb card.jpgInimitia card.jpgIres mlb card.jpgIsabella mlb card.jpgIsadora card.jpgIsidore card.jpgIsidore mlb card.jpgIsrafela mlb card.jpgIvory card.jpgIzayoi card.jpgJeinu mlb card.jpgJienn mlb card.jpgJill Frost card.jpgJinniyah card.jpgJisai Kanemaki card.jpgJocelyn card.jpgJophiel card.jpgJukeini card.jpgJuzo Kakei card.jpgKailani card.jpgKalm card.jpgKalone card.jpgKamelien card.jpgKanbei & Nagamasa Kuroda mlb card.jpgKanbei Kuroda card.jpgKarol mlb card.jpgKatsuie Shibata card.jpgKatsuie Shibata mlb card.jpgKayne card.jpgKazu card.jpgKenzoku card.jpgKerberos card.jpgKeren card.jpgKhunemu card.jpgKimi card.jpgKinneas card.jpgKinto card.jpgKleopatra card.jpgKuloum card.jpgLady Faewood mlb card.jpgLafraise card.jpgLaPerm mlb card.jpgLayil card.jpgLectus card.jpgLedger card.jpgLefsten card.jpgLenore card.jpgLeucothea card.jpgLevron mlb card.jpgLilene mlb card.jpgLilinette card.jpgLilly mlb card.jpgLint card.jpgLiore card.jpgLitha card.jpgLittle Match Girl mlb card.jpgLoht card.jpgLoki 10 mlb card.jpgLorexia mlb card.jpgLua mlb card.jpgLusea card.jpgLys Limor card.jpgMaethys card.jpgMafalda mlb card.jpgMairya card.jpgMargeaux card.jpgMargeaux mlb card.jpgMarlina card.jpgMarseina card.jpgMarta card.jpgMartie card.jpgMasaharu & Ujiharu Oda card.jpgMasamune Date mlb card.jpgMasazumi Honda mlb card.jpgMastis mlb card.jpgMatsu Maeda mlb card.jpgMattelda card.jpgMatteo card.jpgMeery card.jpgMeletica card.jpgMelodia card.jpgMengloth card.jpgMephysta card.jpgMericia card.jpgMerilda card.jpgMerydia card.jpgMichahel card.jpgMilisa mlb card.jpgMinazuki card.jpgMinphesta mlb card.jpgMishtik card.jpgMisty mlb card.jpgMitsumenyudou card.jpgMiyoko card.jpgMonet mlb card.jpgMordra card.jpgMorgan le Fay card.jpgMuhur mlb card.jpgMystra mlb card.jpgMusashi Miyamoto card.jpgMusashi Miyamoto mlb card.jpgMyldred card.jpgNacht card.jpgNaomasa Ii card.jpgNaruko card.jpgNea card.jpgNel mlb card.jpgNerissa mlb card.jpgNobuharu Baba mlb card.jpgNobuyuki Sanada mlb card.jpgNorah card.jpgNyanth card.jpgOdyn mlb card.jpgOgilvy card.jpgOkuni mlb card.jpgOlwyn card.jpgOrange & White mlb card.jpgOsanne card.jpgOsIris card.jpgOto mlb card.jpgPanthera mlb card.jpgPapameilland card.jpgPercy card.jpgPersilla card.jpgPomeranta card.jpgPompey card.jpgPoplina card.jpgPrester card.jpgPriest card.jpgPrincess Saho card.jpgPrincettia card.jpgPronoe card.jpgPumpkin mlb card.jpgQuandry mlb card.jpgQueen Velvetina mlb card.jpgQulperia card.jpgRanmaru Mori mlb card.jpgRaquelle card.jpgReien card.jpgRello card.jpgRequiem card.jpgRikers card.jpgRokuro Unno mlb card.jpgRosella card.jpgRouletta mlb card.jpgRuc card.jpgRumput card.jpgRuna card.jpgRuna mlb card.jpgRuyi Bang card.jpgRuyi Bang mlb card.jpgSade mlb card.jpgSakihisa Konoe card.jpgSalparanika card.jpgSalparanika mlb card.jpgSamhain card.jpgSammy card.jpgSandryne card.jpgSansa card.jpgSanta mlb card.jpgSardonyx mlb card.jpgSekirei card.jpgSelas card.jpgSepthys card.jpgSeratrix mlb card.jpgSerene card.jpgSerene mlb card.jpgSereno card.jpgShaldo card.jpgShear card.jpgShen Gongbao card.jpgShigetsuna Katakura card.jpgShikimaru card.jpgShulna card.jpgSibulla mlb card.jpgSilene card.jpgSiobhan card.jpgSkylar card.jpgSolaris mlb card.jpgSudarshana card.jpgSuiren card.jpgSun Wukong card.jpgTabriel card.jpgTadachika Okubo card.jpgTakamagahara card.jpgTakatora Todo mlb card.jpgTamamonomae card.jpgTamayura card.jpgTaylor mlb card.jpgTeena card.jpgTemple Dark mlb card.jpgTerisa card.jpgTerna card.jpgTessalon card.jpgTigre card.jpgTirrenu card.jpgTriske card.jpgTrylesca card.jpgTsukiyomai card.jpgTsunenaga Hasekura card.jpgTuring card.jpgUi card.jpgUjiyasu Hojo card.jpgUnno card.jpgUnno mlb card.jpgUrania card.jpgUshas card.jpgVanesse card.jpgVanesse mlb card.jpgVelvetta card.jpgVerana card.jpgVerna mlb card.jpgVeronica card.jpgVerseau card.jpgVespa card.jpgVioli card.jpgVodyanoy card.jpgVodyanoy mlb card.jpgWilhelmina mlb card.jpgWolfe card.jpgXephora mlb card.jpgXiulan mlb card.jpgXi Shi card.jpgYasumasa Sakakibara card.jpgYataro Kojima card.jpgYoshinari Mori card.jpgYoshitatsu Saito card.jpgYukimori Yamanaka card.jpgYukimura Sanada mlb card.jpgYukina card.jpgYulun card.jpgYunokawa card.jpgZal card.jpgZanna mlb card.jpgZaramu card.jpgZeus 10 card.jpgZhanna card.jpgZhanna mlb card.jpg
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