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I'll be using this space to give you a few tips on editing pages on the wiki.

This page is a work in progress, I've only started it 6/19/2017.

NOTE: I am not going to detail the process for pulling the images from the game and uploading them here, since that is something Kattiara has gone over well enough on her profile. Please locate her manual if you are interested in learning this process.

For the time being, I will continue to download and decrypt the game files. They will be uploaded to a Google Drive for someone to locate, rename the cards, and upload to the wiki.

I have included in this shared Google Drive some of my tips and tricks, as well as Kattiara's entire compressed manual package.


I probably won't be doing much else on the wiki aside from helping others learning the process.

Good luck!

Adding Units to the Database

To begin working with units, please understand that when a unit is created in the database, it is tied to that unit name. That unit name must be correct in every place the unit will appear, otherwise errors will occur. When in doubt, CHECK YOUR SPELLING.

After the Image Upload

Once the new game images are uploaded to the wiki files, you can locate them here. Each unit has four primary files assigned to it. These are the full card art front, the card art back, the icon of the card (usually featuring the face), and the character sprite (the animated form). These four files will appear in the character page if all aspects of the page were created and entered correctly.

To Add a Unit or Monster to the Database

1) Find the unit/monster's card back in Recent Uploads. Keep this open in a separate tab.
2) Navigate to to enter in the data from the back of the card. Be mindful of the type of card, Unit or Monster, to enter it on the correct side. Monsters are always annotated with "_m" after their monster name, for example "Minerva_m" versus "Minerva"

Bonus Tip: Ω (The Omega symbol) goes at the beginning of the entry for the full unit name when you're entering in the empowered version of an 11★ card.

Making the Card Page

Once you've filled out the card data and submitted, create the page. Use these templates to accurately create the page.


Source Field

On the page to create an entry for a unit in the database, there is a field for the Source of the card. Some Sources are very simple, like Extreme Packs Season 1. However, with the coming of untradeable pack and reward cards, as well as a 10★ Ticket Exchange, the Source can be more Complex.

Source Field Types

  • 10★ Ticket Exchange - [[PACK]]<br>[[Image:Ticket_10_NAME_icon.png|32px]] [[10★ NAME Ticket Exchange]]<br>Untradeable
  • Gifting Event - [[EVENT]]<br>[[Image:Gift_Item_Name_icon.png|32px]] #,### Gift Item Name Reward<br>##,### BT Points Reward<br>##,### BT Points Reward
  • Clash Event - [[EVENT]]<br>[[Image:Clash_Reward_Item_icon.png|32px]] ##,### Clash Reward Items Reward
  • Rank Unit - [[EVENT]]<br>Final (or Group) Rank Reward<br>#st - ##th
  • Recruited Unit - [[EVENT]]<br>Final (or Group) Rank Reward + [[Recruitment]]<br>#st - ##th

Unit Card Pages

10★ & Under

To update this unit's stats directly, please use:

9★ & Under

To update this unit's stats directly, please use:

Monster Card Pages

Any Rarity

To update this monster's stats directly, please use:


First things first, typos happen! If you name a unit incorrectly, you must go to a special part of the database site to correct it. These are very large pages, be patient if it takes time to load.

When you complete your edit, you must APPLY before hitting SAVE.

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